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Today’s Trust-owned Life Insurance Management Platform
The TOLI Center
The TOLI Center has served professional and personal trustees since 1992
The TOLI Center is the risk identification and mitigation standard for objective, third-party support services for Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) policies. The TOLI Center brings together fee-based TOLI procedures consulting, policy and portfolio administration support and actuarial evaluation expertise to support best practice TOLI risk management determinations. Our clients are corporate and personal trustees and estate planning professional advisors who lack the needed fiduciary law, regulatory compliance and life insurance expertise to make informed TOLI product suitability determinations and monitor performance.
Our Standard of Care Trust-Owned life insurance can be managed with the same standard of care expected of fixed income and equity investments. TOLI trustees must demonstrate a standard of care that is legally defensible, cost efficient and administratively feasible. Implicit in this 3-prong test is an understanding of trust administration standards, regulatory compliance, modern portfolio theory, life insurance products and market conduct standards, and credible life insurance policy evaluation. Establishing a cost-efficient best practice TOLI risk management program is no small task.  As a result, many trustees outsource TOLI policy and portfolio risk management support functions to a qualified and experienced third-party service provider.  Our services are designed to safeguard the interests of all trust parties; trustees, grantors, beneficiaries, professional advisors, and insurance agents/brokers. Contact us to obtain a discount code and Order Form to order “The Life Insurance Policy Crisis”.  Written by E. Randolph Whitelaw and published in the ABA Flagship Series, this publication explains the intervention process trusted advisors and trustees can recommend to policy owners to avoid unexpected lapse, obtain creditable fact-based risk management, and ensure a favorable planning outcome.
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